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Hey....My Dad used to have one of these....UMM wait that gross!!


We all know Webmaster Tid's Goal in life is to see the KONG logo on a NASCAR in the Winner's Circle of the Daytona 500 and him proudly standing by it!   Lately, T has been coming into the office swearing that the KONG NASCAR has won the latest NASCAR race.  We told T he had to be dreaming but he insisted.   So, knowing that T is quite the man when it comes to Web Graffiking, we asked him to put his NASCAR visions in print.  Specifically, we asked Webmaster Tid Deluxe exactly what he sees driving 'round and 'round those NASCAR tracks every Saturday and Sunday and here is what we got.  T's NASCAR version of Salvador Dali's "Hallucinogenic Toreador" with a male enhancement twist is reproduced below for your enjoyment.

All's we can say is we definitely need to get a KONG LOGO on a NASCAR pronto!   Enjoy guys!





Yea Yea, I know there is no Jurassic Park NASCAR. But how could I resist messing with this logo?

NOTICE: We like to have a little fun here on the Kong Funnies section and all of the images created above are pure humorous, non-commercial, artistic parody. Please contact us with any comments or questions. Enjoy!

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